Busy weekend: www.singh.im, Redmine, Dream Studio Linux

Had a great fruitful weekend.

Finally setup a server for www.singh.im, setup personal Redmine, with Postgres as the backend.

Migrated from Linux Mint 10 to Dream Studio 12.04 and am loving it, so much so that I seeded a torrent for its ISO. It's 2.7 GB! Much larger than Ubuntu's 600 MB, but totally worth it since it comes preinstalled with all kinds of media related software, which was a pain to get working in LinuxMint/Ubuntu earlier.

With this distro (based on Ubuntu 12), I can finally not feel ashamed of using a Linux desktop. It looks good, feels snappy, and is very keyboard friendly. I used to miss Windows particularly because of Windows' ability to be a keyboard friendly GUI. Yeah, I know, Linux Desktop from any distro can be very easily configured to do what you want, but I want it out of the box in a distro.

Finally, I got hold of Sri Guru Granth Sahib's line-by-line English translation and transliteration in a .doc file (thanks to the leads from the announcer at Medford Gurudwara). I hope to start work on making that amazing work available in a single HTML file, with search functionality built-in.